Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy season!

The baby goats are now about ready to go....though I am thinking seriously about keeping one of the boys as they had a wonderful growth rate. They are now about the height of Buster already who is almost a year old. Now wishing I had handled them more.
Here is a photo of them....Buster is the spotted one standing next to Faline. You can see her baby standing right next to him (black with tan ears) and the other baby is outside the fence next to him. The Boer goats...Loki is laying down in front and that is Billy Jean's butt :)

They are still not named as I had no plans to keep them. Suggestions?

The chicks are doing great  as are the baby BR turkeys and the goslings. The goslings are now living in thier own moveable pen and we are giving them free access to the property in the day time. They are not crazy about the grand babies and run from them, but they let adults pet them and spend lots of time following people around. There is one that is my you can see here while I was trying to take photos of the goats, it was nibbling my toes trying to get my attention.

We had our first litters of buns on Saturday! One litter of French Lops and a litter of NZW's. The first born French Lop has a chewed foot (did not get her moved in time and possible that dad did it), but it is doing well. Four Frenchies and 6 NZW's.  Looks like the NZW doe I picked up 3 weeks ago is going to have babies as well- just found her pulling fur. So moved her to the maternity ward just in case.

The peonies have started blooming, the irises have been blooming- it is looking like summer :)

The hummingbirds are now visiting the feeders as are the goldfinches and a cardinal.

The veggie garden is in as well as the herb garden. I still need to get the potatoes and onions planted. Still working on the front flower beds as well as the butterfly garden. The weeds in there are horrible! I did manage to yank the majority of the mint that was choking out my flowers.  Hoping to get that finished this week.

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